Day 1 Curriculum


1. New Project

  • Name of project "</codes>"

2. App Delegate

  • Verify certificate on Phone

3. App Icon

App Icon.png

4. Tab Bar

  • Add View Controller
  • Edit color
  • Editor > Embed In > Tab Bar Controller
  • Hold 'control' and drag mouse from Tab Bar View Controller to new View Controller
  • Choose 'Relationship Segue: view controllers'

5. Tab Bar Icons/Names

  • Add Tab Bar Images to Assets
  • Select View Controller
  • Edit Bar Item Titles
  • Edit Bar Item Images
Tab Bar Icon - Monday 75x75.png

6. Navigation Controller

  • Choose View Controller
  • Editor > Embed In > Navigation Controller
  • Label each View Controller

7. Button on View Controller

  • Use Button in Object Library
  • Add constraints
  • Background and text color and font
  • Hold 'control' and drag mouse from Button to new View Controller

8. Cocoa Touch Class File

  • Choose View Controller
  • File > New > File
  • Choose Cocoa Touch Class
  • Title and Subclass of UIViewController

9. Edit Button Shape

  • Connect storyboard view to cocoa touch class file 
    • Select view controller
    • Show the assistant editor
  • Add Outlet (type: UIButton)
    • Hold 'control' and drag mouse from Button to file (underneath class name, above viewDidLoad function)
    • Name outlet "storyboardButton"
  • In viewDidLoad function, add styling code
    • storyboardButton.layer.cornerRadius = 5

    • storyboardButton.clipsToBounds = true

10. Cocoa Pods

  • To find Cocoa Pods, search
  • To Install Cocoa Pods:
    • Open terminal and enter the following commands

    • 'sudo gem install cocoapods', then press enter

    • enter your password, then press enter

    • 'pod setup --verbose', then press enter

    • 'pod init', then press enter

    • 'pod instal', then press enter

  • Terminal will ask you to open your project workspace (.xcworkspace) instead of (xcodeproj)

  • .xcworkspace is where all pod files exist

11. Splash Screen (using a Cocoa Pod)

  • First, let's look at this option (not a cocoa pod):
  • Second let's look at this cocoa pod:
  • Third, let's add the Cocoa Pod 'Sparrow
  • Add following line to pod file:
    • pod 'Sparrow/LaunchAnimation’, :git => '’

  • Add launch image to assets and to LaunchScreen.storyboard

  • Open terminal and enter 'pod install'

  • Import Sparrow to App Delegate

  • Add 'SPLaunchAnimation.asTwitter(onWindow: self.window!)' in App Delegate within Application function

Splash Screen.png

12. Github

13. Terminal

  • Use 'cd developer' to get to project folder
  • Use 'cd </codes' to get to project
  • Use 'cd ..' if you need to go back
  • To send project to GitHub:
    • 'git add .' then press return
    • 'git commit -m "project details"' (include quotes for project details) then press return
    • 'git push' then press return
  • To pull a project from Github, use 'git pull'